Notice on how to make a deposit / withdrawal SBRAGA.com in connection with changes in our system, then how to make a deposit / withdraw member, we change with the new method.

Here is how to deposit / withdraw with new method:
1. For new members, you can do the registration process here first

2. For the old members, you can make a deposit by just doing confirmation via BBM, Whatsapp, and LIVECHAT with our customer service with the following format:

DP / WD # Your Game ID # Your Account Name # Bank # Amount

DP # sbraga# Ronaldo # BCA # 100,000
WD # sbraga# Ronaldo # BCA # 100,000

Your deposit / withdraw will be processed immediately after you confirm with our customer service.

* Note: Withdraw member will be processed at any time during the bank online and no outstanding.

You can also deposit / withdraw by filling out the form shown on our system.

3. Members are expected to always check the announcements on our LIVECHAT menu
Our management SBRAGA.com would like to thank you for the cooperation of our respected members, thank you and good luck to play on SBRAGA.com.

For old members who want to do DEPOSIT can ask our account number to our customer service through LIVECHAT / BBM / WHATSAPP.

Contact SBRAGA SBO Now!

  • Line id : sbraga
  • Skype id : sbraga
  • Wa : +855975599307
  • Bbm : dd8856db
  • Wechat id : ssbraga
  • Telegram : +855975599307
  • Tlp : +855975599307


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