How to Play 368BET Guide

Here is a Sportsbook Tutorial guide to play online betting balls on the 368BET site for those of you who are still newbies in doing online betting balls on the 368BET site.

As for here we will we explain:

Reading the ball market at 368BET.
How to calculate odds in 368BET.

Calculates total winnings and total to be paid if lost.
All we summarized in the Sportsbook Tutorial: How To Install A Ball In 368BET.

But before you must have an account for 368BET website, if you do not have 368BET account please register first by contacting our CS via livechat or by clicking the following link to register and make sure in the product column you choose 368BET.

To access the site AFB88 you can visit http://www.368bet.com and the following website view member 368BET:


After that please login with the id given by our CS in the fields that have been provided at the top right of the website.

Here is the look of the website after login:


On the left there is a menu of choices in the form of sports that you can choose there are sports Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, America Football and many more. In this sportsbook tutorial we will discuss about football matches as an example. Inside soccer itself there are several game options, there are called HDP & O / U that is handicap game (fur-furan) and over-under, Correct Score (guess score), O / E & Total Goal ie even odd and guess number of goals , FG / LG is guessing which team scored first and which team scored the last goal, and there are still many other games. Here we include the menu view on the 368BET site:


Back to the tutorial here we will discuss about installing balls for handicap and over / under balls. Here for example we will discuss about the match between Sydney FC (N) Vs Newcastle Jets following table:


In the picture above we can see that Sydney FC here act as host or home while Newcastle Jets acts as a guest or away.

16:30 is the game time will be held on the 3rd of the month 1, in the picture above we can also see there are 3 differentiated lines, it is intended to facilitate the player in choosing the market or odds which maw selected because in this match there are 3 odds or market.

The team with the red team name is the team giving hdp (which gives the fur)
A red odds value and a minus sign is a Team that is subject to Interest (tax)

There are 3 fur-an (you are free to choose any market that you feel deserve to be taken)

For red numbers, if won will be paid according to the pair, but if lost must pay in accordance with the multiplication with the market or odd.
As for the black numbers then if you win, you are paid according to the multiplication of odds, whereas if you lose then you have to pay according to your spouse.
One example of the market as below:

0.5 / 1 = fur 3/4
0.5 = fur 1/2
and fur 1

On top of itself there are 3 markets where the Sydney FC acts as a home that gives Fur 3/4 or choose which gives fur 0.5 even you can choose which gives the fur 1 ball.

For HDP (handicap), O / U (Over / Under) & O / E (Even / Odd)

Black Meaning: If we lose pay according to what we bet, if we can win money depending on the amount of odds.

Example odds, odds 1.08 -> bet 100rb. If you win it can be 100 x 1.08 = 108rb, if you lose 100rb.

Red Meaning: If we win will get the money according to what we bet, but if lost to pay according to the amount of odds.

Example odds, oddsnya -1.19 -> bet 100rb. If lost to pay 100 x 1.19 = 119rb, if we win we get paid 100rb.

Below the HDP column is the fur, ie 0.5 / 1 or fur 3/4. The nge-fur team is always red. On the other side of the fur there is 1.08 at the top and -1.19 at the bottom, which means Sydney bet with fur 0.5 / 1 or 3/4 if we win we will be 1.08 multiplied by the number we put & in column away there is number -1.19 , it means Newcastle Jets bet if we win paid in pairs but if we lose then we must pay pay 1.19 times the amount we put.

Example: we want to bet Sydney FC (R) 100rb, just click 1.08 then input 100 in the emerging column.
For example the result of the game is 1-0 for Sydney FC because its 3/4 fur, then we only win half because MU must have at least 2 goals to win a full.

Calculations: (100 x 1.08) / 2 = 54
* If the result of the match was won by Sydney FC (R) by 2 or more goals, then we won full, that is 108rb.

O / U
Over Under, under column O / U there is exchange rate / fur for O / U that is 2.5. That is, if bet Over, the result of the match should be above 3 goals (4,5,6, etc).
Meanwhile, if bet Under, kebailkan with over. total goal not to be more than 2, if the number of goals 2, then we win.

If the O / U is 3.50:
End result 3 goals -> play under Win, play over Lose

For interest calculation, same with HDP.

O / E
Odd / Even (even / Odd), we just select the end result of the match the number of goals of both teams odd or even. The calculation of kei is the same as HDP

1 × 2
Below 1 × 2, is odds to guess win, draw or lose. Just click its odds to put bet.
Example: we pick Sydney FC (R) will win (whatever its score), click black number 1.79, then input bet in column bet (example bet 100rb).
1 = Host (home) -> means we choose host win
x = Draw -> means we select the match ends draw
2 = Guest (away) -> means we choose the winning team
For example the result of the match is 3-1
Calculation: (1.79 - 1) x 100rb = 79rb. So we won 79rb
* for winning calculations, all odds hrs minus 1 dl. If the result Draw / Win West Ham United (R), we lost 100rb

The goal of b / b HT / FT is to guess the result of the first round match & in combination with the result of the match at full time, so it is called HT / FT (half time / full time)
Here is an example of HT / FT odds in the Premier League party

H = Home -> Host team wins
D = Draw -> Results of the series match
A = Away -> The winning team

If there is a HH, it means that the first round was won by Sydney FC (regardless of score) & by the time the game ends, the result is still won by Sydney FC (regardless of score).

Examples of HH match results, first half scores 1-0, finished the game the score remains 1-0.
Examples of HD matches, first half scores 1-0, finished the game 1-1 score.
Examples of HA match results, first half scores 1-0, finished the game score 1-2.

DH = Draw, Home
DD = Draw, Draw
DA = Draw, Away
AH = Away, Home
AD = Away, Draw
AA = Away, Away

For winning calculations, equal to 1 × 2 & mix parlay, all odds in subtract 1 first multiply the bet number.
Example HH, odd 1.58, if your guess is correct, the calculation is as follows:
(1.58 - 1) x the number of bet

Mix Parlay means betting package with at least 3 parties
In 1 package if 1 game lost then counted lost.
If the series then the team that the series does not need to be counted.
Calculate parlay: Multiply the values ​​of all three teams you select a x b x c or Odds Value calculated multiplied by the number of bet.

Package containing 2 teams that lose half
Means Value 2 The team is missing and Bets value must be divided 2.

(Lose Half example):
FT Score 2-0
pick = A @ -1.00 / 1.770 (Win Full)

FT 0-1

pick = C @ 0.75 / 2.030
(Lost half so Value 2.030 is not there)
Calculation: 2.030 - 1 = 1.030 divided by 2 = 0.515

E -vs-F
FT 0-0
pick = E @ -0.25 / 1.800 (Defeat half so the value of 1,800 is not there)

G vs-H
FT 0-1
pick = H @ -0.50 / 1.890 (Win Full)


If bet Rp.100rb
1.770 x (0.5) x (0.5) x 1.890 x 100 - 100 = -16.37
Example Package containing 2 Tim wins half
(Win Half)


A -vs-B
FT Score 2-1
pick = A @ -0.75 / 1.740 (Win Half)
Calculation of value: 1.740 - 1 = 0.74: 2 = 0.37 So 1.37

FT Score 3-1
pick = C @ -0.25 / 1.900

E -vs-F
FT Score 1-0
pick = F @ 1.25 / 1.930 (Win Half)

FT Score 1-3
pick = H @ 0.00 / 1.880

If bet Rp.300rb
[(1.74 - 1) / 2) + 1 x 1.9 x [(1.93 - 1) / 2] + 1 x 1.88 x 300 - 300 = 1,850.75
nb: Win value includes Capital, So net winnings can be calculated by way of cut with capital (1850 - 300 = 1550).

Correct Score
The purpose of betting the Correct Score is to guess the outcome of a match.
Select 1: 0 means Score must be 1: 0
Choose 2: 5 means Score should be 2: 5 (Host 2 and Guests 5)
* Not on the back of Score.

Fantasy Games
Fantasy game that as it is, fantasy = not real
so there are matches that bring together non-matching teams at that time.


in the Italian league there is an ongoing match between Juventus vs AS Roma
in Chelsea's Chelsea vs Liverpool league is playing
fantasy league example in sbo Chelsea vs Juventus on the same day -> obviously not possible right? so called "fantasy"
To know how to lose we see his handicap. eg Chelsea vs Juventus HDP 0
Juventus vs. Roma 1-1 scores & Chelsea vs Liverpool 2-1
Then the result of a fantasy match between Chelsea vs. Juventus is 2-1
Because Chelsea scored 2 goals & Juventus scored only 1 goal in the actual match.


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